DI MURO, Salvatore J.



Bronx, New York

17 Feb 1945


St. Raymonds Cemetery, Bronx County, New York


"K" Co.34th Inf, 24th Div


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Statement of Paul Cain

Dan Valles, Jim Sullivan and three other men from Danís Platoon were sent down to secure Goal Post ridge. About midnight the Japís attacked with force. After they had used up all ammo and thrown all grenades, Dan and Jim were able to slip over the side of the hill and work their way around and at daybreak back up to the Company at top of Malinta Hill.

Next morning Cpt. Centanni with his messenger Corp Mureau* went down to reconnoiter the area, not realizing there were still some enemy in that area. Both the Captain and his aide were killed.

Editor's Note:  Paul Cain's recollection of Corp. Mureau's name appears to be in error.





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